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Rehearsal Studio Reservations Terms and Conditions:
Book and prepay online for the best deal – no discounts are given outside of the website.

All reservations are not officially booked until payment for the booking is received.
All rental dates and times are subject to availability.
Bookings can be rescheduled without penalty up until 48-hours prior to the session start. No refunds on bookings.

Walk-ins are welcome but subject to availability.
It’s best to call ahead if you havn’t pre-purchased your time.

Shirts, shoes and pants must be worn at all times.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited.

Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the rooms provided the beverage is in a sealed container (plastic bottles w/ screw-on lids, travel mugs, etc., No Glass containers) which must remain sealed when not in use.

SER does not permit the possession, sale, or use of any illegal substances on the premises – violation of this condition will get you thrown out and it is not up for discussion or debate.

No unsupervised children under the age of 12 in the halls, waiting areas, or lounges. They must be with the adult guest they came with or have another responsible supervisor with them in the lounge or waiting areas.

Food is not allowed in the rooms.

Our spaces are for rehearsal, recording, and creativity ONLY. Please do not engage in any activity that may damage or destroy the equipment.

Use of the following equipment is included in the rental rate and session is subject to additional fees if additional equipment is required:
5-piece drum kit and accessories
(2) Two guitar amplifiers
(1) One bass guitar amplifier
(1) One small P.A. – 2 speakers, amplifier, and mixer.
Any necessary microphones, cables and stands.

The renter will be held responsible for damages to SER equipment that result from careless or malicious abuse of said equipment. SER will charge the renter for no more than 120% of the original SER purchase price of the item(s) in question if we deem that the item was misused or handled improperly.

We are more than happy to provide you with this gear you need to play, so please take care of it! Treat it as if you paid for it yourself, because if you break it, YOU WILL!

SER is not responsible for the loss or damage of misplaced or unsupervised personal goods. Please take care of your stuff, and be respectful of everyone else’s stuff.

Please take no more than a 15-minute grace period before or after your scheduled time for set-up and tear down to avoid being charged an additional hour of room use. Please be especially mindful of the time you have the room occupied and courteous about not cutting into another band’s practice time when other groups are booked to start immediately after you.